Smart fit

For companies up to 20 users

For smaller companies we’ve assembled a package that combines a state of the art call and surf solution, combined with all unified communications features.
You have a choice in phones and your communication cost will be low…very low.

You can calculate the price yourself depending on how many users. Just to give you an example:
A company with 10 users will pay 274 euro a month.

And that includes Internet, phones, a cloud PBX, 50 euro of call minutes and all possible call features you can use.


Our customers no longer pay fixed costs for ISDN or classic lines. We don’t charge you for numbers. You get:

  • as many phone numbers as you need
  • a state of the art phone or headset per user
  • 5 euro free call minutes/user/month
  • pure voice quality

You can choose whether you prefer a fixed phone or a headset and our phones all have every feature you could want. Stop paying for stuff you don’t need, call at low cost and only pay for what you use. That’s telecom… as it should be.


Our surf solution allows you to surf at high speed.

We offer:

  • speed: up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload
  • unlimited volume
  • a secured connection
  • fixed IP address
  • Optional: guaranteed bandwidth

We have and maintain one of the most reliable networks in Europe and our pricing is based on European standards that are far lower than Belgian prices. This allows us to offer you affordable, high speed internet that allows you to work smoothly… as it should be.

Always on

Bigger companies already enjoy all the advantages of what is called “unified communications” (UC).
Unified communications is basically a set of features in communication enabled by having a cloud PBX. We think smaller companies should also benefit from all the advantages of UC because they allow our customers to work more efficiently. So we integrated every feature a company could ever need and we called it “Always on”, because that’s what it does: you decide where, when and in what way you will communicate.

Endless possibilities

  • fax from your laptop
  • call from your laptop
  • have your calls following you
  • inform colleagues where you are
  • chat with colleagues
  • a voicemail that forwards to your inbox
  • be available at one number

The possibilities are endless.

Discover how “Always on” will help you being more efficient… as it should be.

We offer

  • perfect scalability
  • fast internet
  • a choice of phones
  • as many phone numbers as you need
  • all communication features you can use

We offer a one stop shop:

  • 1 contact
  • 1 contract
  • 1 invoice
  • 1 helpdesk

You save money because:

  • no expensive PBX equipment
  • no maintenance contract
  • no fixed cost for ISDN lines or numbers
  • low communication cost

The only thing we have to know is how many users/phones you need.

Surf + Call + Always on: That’s smart fit, your total communications solution so you can focus on your business… as it should be.


What does it cost?

One time activation: €499
Monthly fee: €149
Per user per month: €12,5 (€5 call minutes incl.)


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