Discover our new solution, SmartMobile. You decide where and when you’re available for business calls, with one fixed number.

11.500+ satisfied customers

10.000+ connected offices

140+ enthusiastic employees

10.000+ cloud communications users

150.000+ cloud security users

Why choose Destiny?

Because we offer secure, simple and scalable solutions based on the specific needs of your company.

Work efficiently to face the future

With Destiny, you always have access to the latest and smartest tools for optimal interaction between your employees, business partners and clients.

One contact point

You have one consistent contact person. Someone who knows you perfectly and who knows what you really need. That makes it easy, transparent and efficient.

Everything taken care of

Worry-free communication without technical problems with 24/7 service that is always accessible.

Always up-to-date

You always have access to the latest high-performance technology. Investments in hardware are no longer necessary.

Only pay for what you use

With Destiny, you only pay for the capacity that you use and need. This saves you up to 30% on your invoices.

Better collaboration

Solutions for national and international teamwork. No more islands, rather a time-saving cloud interaction platform for all your employees and branches.

What solutions fit your organisation best?

With SmartMobile you’re available 100% mobile via one fixed number, when and where you wish.

With SmartFit, you always have a worry-free connection perfectly attuned to your needs. Excellent for innovative companies with up to 50 employees.

With Integra, we challenge the communication in your organisation and recommend a fully customised cloud solution. Excellent for larger and more complex innovative companies.

SmartMobile: Available 100% mobile via one fixed number, when and where you wish

The attractive SmartMobile formulas are tailored exactly to the needs of your employees. You pay only for what you really need.

  • Smoother collaboration with all colleagues – both fixed line and mobile
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better work-life balance

SmartFit: Always connected without worries

SmartFit offers flexible packages that are perfectly attuned to your needs. Excellent for innovative companies with up to 50 employees.

  • Choice of 5 bundles
  • Combines telephony, internet and cloud communication
  • Highly cost-effective

Integra: fully customised to your organisation

Integra offers the correct solutions for larger or more complex innovative organisations. And you have Destiny at your side as a challenger and guide.

  • 100% customised solutions
  • Based on a highly customer-focused approach
  • Also for international customers

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Meet our customers

We are happy to let a few customers have a say about the challenges they took on together with Destiny. Discover how we are always able to produce flexible, cost-saving results in a wide range of sectors. Moreover, discover how we enter true partner relationships with them… as it should be.

De Roma

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