Daan & Samuel De Wever
Destiny Strategy
Posted on 07/06/2021 - 15:10

Daan and Samuel De Wever (Destiny telecoms company): ‘All growing business have the same nightmare’

Original source: Trends

It's not that long since Daan De Wever was going the rounds of industrial parks, selling Destiny’s telecoms services when the company was a start-up. In those pioneering years, his brother Samuel would climb up a lamp post to string an emergency cable across a road. Now, Destiny is a European market leader in new telecoms services for SMEs. However, the two have lost none of their ambition: “It would still feel very wrong to let ourselves be bought up by a big, traditional player”.


Last week, Destiny announced that it was taking over Soluno, another Cloud telecoms company, and Telepo, a technology supplier from Sweden, for an undisclosed sum. Destiny is shooting for a turnover of 170 million euros after the acquisitions, aiming to strengthen its position as the most important European provider of Cloud telecoms services and associated software (see box “Destiny bets on two horses”). Apax Partners, Destiny's majority shareholder, is one of the biggest venture capitalists in Europe, giving the company the financial strength to fund new acquisitions.

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