Dear customer,

There is a solution for every problem and it might be closer than you think: a wrong cable, a loos cableā€¦ This useful checklist gives you an overview of the most frequent problems. This way, you can already check on the spot if one of these cases applies to your issue.

  • Control if the power is still on. It seems obvious, but all devices are functional through power.
  • Control if all the cabling of the equipment (routers, switches, modems) is still connected.

If the answer on these checks is positive, we advise you to reboot the following equipment in the IT room:

  • Modems (devices of the brands SAGEM, A-MOD)
  • Routers (devices of the brand CISCO/Huawei) (only if the reboot of the Modem has not fixed your problem)

How to reboot?

  1. Pull out the fiche of the electronical supply, located behind these devices
  2. Wait 5 seconds
  3. Attach them back

If this checklist does not solve your problem, do not hesitate to contact us by phone. In the meantime, we keep on working on your ticket.

Kind regards,

Your Destiny Service Desk Team