Destiny Mobile, I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before!

Want to collaborate efficiently with your mobile agents and office staff? Want to be available to your customers at all times? With SmartMobile everyone within your organisation is available on one business landline number – even when they’re out of the office.

Why choose SmartMobile?

You get smart tools that are perfect for your business and your staff.

Better collaboration

One time-saving mobile cloud interaction platform for all your staff and sites.

Only pay for what you use

Choose the right package for your staff profiles and needs. That way you only pay for an exact number of users.

Higher productivity

Workers are no longer tied to their desks and can work where they do their job most efficiently instead.

Which landline-mobile cloud telecom solution best fits your organisation?

Using the SmartMobile calculation tool, you can identify all of your staff’s telecom profiles, so you can choose the perfect landline-mobile integration solution and you know instantly what your customised budget is.

What do users say about SmartMobile?

“SmartMobile makes it easier to attract strong recruits. Our staff can easily work from home or any other location, which gives them a good balance between their work and home life."
"Thanks to the cloud solution I always know that everything is being managed securely and I can focus on my core tasks. Furthermore, I lose less time training users because the platform is very user-friendly."
"SmartMobile is a useful and low-cost solution. I know exactly how much each user is using and what it's costing me, so I can budget easily. We now only have one bill for all of our telecommunications, which is very clear."
"Thanks to SmartMobile we are always available to customers. If someone is in a meeting and can't answer the phone, the call is automatically forwarded to our internal sales team. So we never miss any calls anymore and we answer our customers' questions faster."

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