How does SmartMobile work?

You decide where and when you’re available for business calls, with one landline number.

The smart solution to optimise your availability

How does SmartMobile work? Here’s an example.

Charles works as an agent in an insurance office and regularly goes out to visit customers. With SmartMobile, all he needs is one business landline number on his business card. His clients only know this landline number. So, this is the only number Charles is ever phoned on professionally and Charles can choose where and when he wants to be available on this landline number.

When he’s in the office, calls come in on his landline phone. But if he’s on the road or visiting customers, he can reroute his landline calls through to his mobile, so he never misses a call. And if he can’t answer the call, he only has one voicemail service to call – his SmartMobile voicemail. If Charles wants to call a customer from his mobile, the person he is calling will still only see his landline number. For personal calls he can show his private mobile number.

Collaborate easily with colleagues and customers

With our time-saving mobile cloud interaction platform, no part of your business will be an island. Your SmartMobile switchboard ensures a seamless connection and efficient collaboration between colleagues – across all your sites. Your staff can choose where they work and on which device. So they can always connect quickly, wherever they are. And your customers? They can always reach their contact person easily and directly. And it all goes through one landline number.

Gain time

The cloud communication platform is very convenient and clear. Not just for the administrator, but also for the staff who use the platform.

If your users’ needs change, you can simply make the changes yourself. So you don’t have to contact our help desk every time you want to adjust something. That saves a great deal of time.

Higher productivity and a better work-life balance

Do your staff have the freedom to work anywhere and on any device? This gives them a better work-life balance, which leads to higher productivity.

Do you work from home occasionally? No problem. With SmartMobile, you will stay closely connected to your colleagues and customers at all times. And there’s no need to give your customers your mobile number. They can simply contact you through one landline number.

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