Would you like to offer your clients a total solution? Would you like to focus on your core tasks? And consolidate your market position? Be a trusted advisor to your customers? Destiny supports you.

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The market is constantly changing. The borders between data and voice are dissolving. Technology is driven from the Cloud. Cloud telecommunication services are taking this evolution in stride. And allow you to follow up and manage the digitisation of your client’s world with speed and efficiency.

Converting your services into cloud variants impacts your business model. The market and your customers are now looking for a proactive partner. Someone who offers them personal service and flexible and scalable solutions. With Destiny’s technical and commercial support, you are that trusted advisor for your customers.

A pleasure to work together

Do you want to offer your client the optimal solution? Are you looking for a flexible partnership with the right mindset in the B2B market? Enter into a partnership with Destiny. You can choose between two different models of cooperation, depending on your needs and business. Want to know what’s right for you? Do a quick scan of our partner formulas.

Start your agency with Destiny

Your customers, our services

Keep full control of the commercial relation with the end customer. And take advantage of the complete Destiny services and deliveries.

  • You benefit from a low entry threshold and having all stress taken off your hands
  • You benefit from continuous feedback throughout your customer’s journey
  • You have extensive info and knowledge at your fingertips with access to our partner portal
  • You have 100% sales and marketing support
  • You have access to our 24/7 partner hotline and monitoring tools
  • A project leader supports all your projects
  • You have targeted onboarding and training for sales and products—in one-on-one and regional sessions

Become a Destiny

Our solutions, your brand

Focus on your customer service under your brand and enjoy the advantages of our cloud distribution platform and one-stop-shop environment.

  • Set up your product range based on our offer
  • Determine your own customer journey
  • Set your own rates
  • 24/7 partner hotline
  • You stay in charge of your own project direction and invoicing
  • White label: integrate the Destiny services and solutions under your brand

Your choice from our building blocks

Put our service package together to cover your clients’ full range of Cloud telecom needs.

Fixed and mobile internet

Your clients are always connected with our lightning-fast internet, anywhere and everywhere.

Fixed and mobile telephony

No matter what type of telephone exchange your clients use, with us, calls are always priced nicely and have the highest quality.

Private Networks

Our data-network solutions are secure, redundant and are easily integrated with your (public or private) data centre.

Cloud Communication

The Cloud takes over all functions from the telephone exchange and adds intelligent tools.

Cloud Infrastructure

We host your data and applications privately, publicly, or in a mixture of both, ensuring your clients are always operational.

Cloud Security

360° full and maximum protection of all web and email data, your network and all your client end-points.

and solutions

Choose the services that will support your offer and combine them in our different solutions: Integra, SmartFit and SmartMobile.


Combine the six building blocks into a custom solution for your national and/or international customers. Benefit from full sales and product support. Solutions for companies with more than fifty users. 


Connect the smaller SMEs in your portfolio without a care. SmartFit offers cost-efficient telecommunications packets that you can easily offer to clients independently.


Want to collaborate efficiently with your mobile agents and office staff? Integrate fixed and mobile telephony and help your customers keep work and private life in perfect balance. 

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