Cloud Communication

Takes over all the functions of your telephone exchange, and adds many intelligent tools to it.

Centralise and optimise every interaction with your customers.

Cloud communications enables you to function more efficiently with a better focus on your customers. Wherever you are – you always have access to all the data and means of communication

A Cloud Communication solution as it should be?

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A few important advantages

Unified communications

Communication where and when you want with the tool of your choice: the cloud offers the solution.

Endless possibilities

Faxing from your laptop, incoming calls that follow you, informing your colleagues where you are… or chatting with your colleagues to discuss urgent problems. The possibilities are endless.

The right tools for more efficiency

Every organisation or company is different. That is why we like to advise our clients about the best tools that they can use within Unified Communications. And the possibility is always available to expand the toolbox in the future.


This service is part of our integrated solutions package


Integra offers custom solutions for larger or more complex innovative organisations. And you have Destiny at your side as a challenger and guide.


SmartFit offers flexible packages that are perfectly attuned to your needs. Excellent for innovative companies with up to 50 employees.


With SmartMobile, you have all the functionalities of a telephone operator in your pocket, wherever you are working. You can be reached anywhere via a single fixed business number and will never again miss an important call.

Destiny is a member of Cloud Communications Alliance