Cloud Infrastructure

We provide private, public or hybrid hosting of your data and applications, so you are always operational.

Why keep investing in your own server and expensive hardware?

Your own hardware infrastructure is expensive, quickly outdated, often is not attuned to your needs, and often comes with an expensive maintenance contract. You can avoid significant costs and risks by using our powerful data network.

A Cloud Infrastructure solution as it should be?

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A few important advantages

Carefree IT

We host all your data and applications in a private or public cloud or a combination of the two (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, etc.). The most important thing is that you are always operational, in part with the necessary cloud back-up and technical support from our engineers.

No investments

We manage all the IT infrastructure. You no longer have to buy servers with expensive maintenance contracts, or provide separate server rooms with air conditioning.

Flexibility and scalability

With our scalable solutions, you only pay for what you use. And you can increase your capacity at any moment to meet changing needs.


This service is part of our integrated solutions package


Integra offers custom solutions for larger or more complex innovative organisations. And you have Destiny at your side as a challenger and guide.