Fixed and mobile internet

You are connected at all times via our high-speed internet, wherever you are.

Our network is one of the most reliable in Europe.

As a network-independent provider, we can offer the best SLAs, worldwide. Location-independent work, video conferencing and streaming, Internet of Things… these are only a few examples of applications that require a fast and reliable internet.

An internet solution as it should be?

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A few important advantages

Scalable and affordable

Not only is the technology evolving, but also your needs also change with the number of users and applications. That is why we think speed and capacity need to be scalable, as does the cost price (calculated according to European standards).

Security comes first

Security is an absolute must. That is why we take care of complete protection of your internet data and infrastructure.

24/7 services

This service is also supported by our 24/7 helpdesk. And our internet services come standard with online reporting and unlimited data usage.

Mobile Internet – 4G

  • Browse using any device anywhere
  • Choose your bundle yourself: Plus, Extra, Ultra or Ultimate 
  • Download bandwidth: Up to 12 Gb 
  • Upload bandwidth: Up to 12 Gb 
  • Guaranteed: No 

Copper (VDSL, SDSL)

  • Unlimited monthly volume
  • High-speed cost-efficient Internet connection
  • Always be accessible in combination with 4G backup
  • Download bandwidth: Up to 200 Mbps/s
  • Upload bandwidth: Up to 80 Mbps/s
  • Guaranteed: No/Yes (depending on solution)

Fiber to the Business (FTTH/FTTB)

  • Guarantee of copper combined with the speed of fibre optics 
  • For the fast growing SME
  • Always be accessible in combination with 4G backup 
  • Download bandwidth: Up to 500 Mpbs/s
  • Upload bandwidth: Up to 100 Mpbs/s
  • Guaranteed: No/Yes (depending on solution)


  • Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth for high-end companies
  • Scalable at any time 
  • Always be accessible in combination with copper backup
  • Download bandwidth: Up to 10 Gb
  • Upload bandwidth: Up to 10 Gb
  • Guaranteed: Yes

This service is part of our integrated solutions package


Integra offers custom solutions for larger or more complex innovative organisations. And you have Destiny at your side as a challenger and guide.


SmartFit offers flexible packages that are perfectly attuned to your needs. Excellent for innovative companies with up to 50 employees.


With SmartMobile, you have all the functionalities of a telephone operator in your pocket, wherever you are working. You can be reached anywhere via a single fixed business number and will never again miss an important call.