Private Networks

Your own VPN network: secure, redundant and available everywhere.

A secure connection between your branches and employees, including internationally.

Your employees can work, exchange and consult data, and use applications independent of location. At high speed and super secure.

A VPN solution as it should be?

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A few important advantages

We manage your connections, end-to-end

Our MPLS network connects your branches, production units and people. We can manage and maintain your network so you can concentrate on your primary activity. And our helpdesk is at your service 24/7 to answer questions or resolve problems.

Not too much. Not too little.

We determine the bandwidth and SLAs you need together. This saves you a lot of time and money. After all, we can adapt the speed and bandwidth according to your changing needs. In this way, you do not pay for capacity you don’t need (yet), but you can easily get it in the future.

Flexible and pleasant work

With an ideal VPN solution, you don’t notice the difference between working locally or remotely.


This service is part of our integrated solutions package


Integra offers custom solutions for larger or more complex innovative organisations. And you have Destiny at your side as a challenger and guide.