Do you have virus scanners and firewalls installed? Great! But did you know that cyber threats sneak into your company through your internet, email and smartphone use? And that your unsuspecting employees are the primary target?

Security: myths busted

My internet use is safe and secure because:

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. With Destiny Cloud Security, you do more than just screen your data and your network. The solution secures your entire business environment: the exchange of data, your devices, and the internet use of all your end-users. We tune Destiny Cloud Security to your company and your budget – after thoroughly examining and analysing your existing security solutions, the number of users and their internet behaviour.


Secure cloud telecommunications … as they should be!

Destiny Cloud Security:
as it should be

Looking for full protection from every sort of cyberthreat – even the very latest ones? Rely on Destiny. Our security experts investigate how you communicate. We look at where your data is stored. We examine all possible risks. Your email, your fixed devices, laptops, smartphones and all others. Line by line, Destiny Cloud Security secures your entire business environment. Viruses and attackers won’t stand a chance – not even if they’re new or not yet known by traditional security software.


Email security

90% of cyberattacks enter your company environment via your email. Destiny secures your weakest point.

Network security

Protect your company network from internet threats? Destiny provides an extremely powerful next-generation firewall that protects all your locations.

Internet security

Your employees might be heading to fraudulent websites or downloading malicious files. Destiny Web Security points out which websites contain viruses.

Device security

What do you do if your laptop or smartphone has been stolen? Or if a virus infiltrates your iPad and wipes all your data? Destiny secures all your devices, even when you bring them outside your network.

Security is a must for everyone in your organisation

"I always send our salary reports to the social-services offices via email. That’s safe … isn’t it?"
"My colleague Bart lost his smartphone at football training. There was sensitive company information on it. It may have been leaked in the meantime."
"I received an invoice as an attachment. When I clicked on it, my screen froze, then took me to a website which was demanding payment."
"I received an email from one of our account managers, asking me to send him the database of our clients. It turns out it wasn’t actually my colleague who asked ..."

Why Destiny Cloud Security?

Layered security

Full protection of your company network, data, devices and your company image. We build on your existing security and supplement it with multiple layers of added security.

Scalable and flexible

You only pay for what you need. We work with you to adapt and scale our solutions to your users and the needs of your company.

Simply worry-free

Easy-to-implement cloud solutions. Plus: 24/7 personal service and support.

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