More than 90% of advanced cyberattacks infiltrate your systems via your email. Or you unknowingly send them out yourself. Protect your company from spam, malware and phishing attacks. Your sensitive information and your brand name will never end up in the wrong hands. Make sure your email traffic has optimal protection.

Arm yourself against new cyber threats

Client data that falls into the wrong hands, ransomware attacks and cryptolockers. Or it could be fraudulent emails that your employees or relations receive with your name attached. How do you protect yourself again the current cyber threats? A strong firewall or DDOS security are a good start. But they won’t stop attacks that come via email. And these are becoming increasingly intelligent. Destiny developed a solution that stops threats on multiple fronts.

7 steps to the highest level of email security


Email hygiene

Is your basic security in order? Does your antivirus or antispam software verify or remove invalid email addresses from incoming and outgoing emails? 


O365 Security Services Management

Are all Office 365 security services correctly calibrated and activated? Install the basics and see what is applicable for your business environment.


Internal anti-spoofing

Avoid phishing attacks and domain hijacking. Protect your employees from fake emails that appear to come under your domain name from colleagues and partners.


Advanced threat protection

Email is like a postcard: everyone can read it. Destiny Email Security seals it in an envelope, encrypting your important information.


Advanced threat protection

Links in emails might be for legitimate URLs, but they still lead you to malicious websites. It’s also best to open attachments that are not recognised by anti-virus services on our network first. You’ll then protect your own network.


Raising awareness in email users

Make your employees aware of cyberthreats: train them to detect which emails are fraudulent.


External anti-spoofing: brand protection

Don’t let hackers take your identity or send fraudulent emails to your clients, suppliers and partners in your name. Protect your image and optimise outgoing marketing emails (anti-spam).

How safe is your email traffic?

Is your email traffic a vulnerable target for identity and name theft, extortion and attacks on your network?

Why Destiny Cloud Security?

Easy to manage

Wave goodbye to local firewalls! Manage—or let one single firewall manage—all your locations from the cloud.

Flexible access management

Decide for yourself which applications and websites your colleagues have access to.

Only pay for what you use

No more expensive licences. One fixed monthly rate that is perfectly tuned to your use.

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