It is impossible to imagine your day-to-day business operation without the internet. However, research shows that 1 out of 13 website searches leads to malware. How can you make sure that your employees surf safely and that you remain in control of their surfing behaviour? Destiny takes care of your web security together. Discover our ultimate protection.

Determine surfing behaviour – wherever you are

Working without the Internet is inconceivable. Your employees can stream videos from their home environment or work from a café in between meetings. Internet access is a must, no matter whether the available WiFi is secured or unsecured. Cybercriminals are actively targeting this web traffic because employees are outside their secure business environment. Locking users’ devices is not an option, because users require the freedom to use cloud applications and devices. That’s why it’s important to protect your employees and their surfing behaviour.

Web security as an extra layer

Destiny Web Security applies the extra layer on top of the next generation firewalls. The latter do an excellent job in segmenting networks and controlling user access to specific locations. Because of today’s new threats these firewalls have their limitations. Firewalls are slowed down when they inspect encrypted traffic for advanced threats, which can impair the browsing experience of your employees. Destiny Web Security provides several features against these types of threats, so there is no impact whatsoever on the IT performance and policy in the company.

The Features of Destiny Web Security


One authentication platform in the cloud for all users using the web, wherever they are.

URL Filtering

Choose which URLs are prohibited and allowed for your employees via malware scanning and analytics for real-time web traffic.

Web isolation

Isolate the web page your employees are accessing and test it in a secure environment before granting access.

Data Loss Prevention

Enforce data security and compliance policies on all types of devices and across all applications, including O365.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Identify which cloud apps are being used by your colleagues and manage those in a secure way (Shadow IT).


Why Choose Destiny Web Security?

Avoid malware

Apply the extra layer on web access and applications to make sure employees can surf safely from anywhere without the risks of a potential attack.

Manage surfing behaviour

Prepare an IT policy to decide on the access options for all colleagues and educate employees about the risks of cyber-attacks.

Give freedom

Let colleagues choose where and when they work and with which applications. Make sure to also identify and acknowledge the risks.

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