With Destiny cloud network security, you secure the first layer of your company environment: your entire network, no matter how many devices or locations you have connected to it. You benefit from one single, air-tight protective firewall that Destiny manages for you centrally, from the cloud.

Flexible management thanks to next-generation firewalls

Do you install local firewalls, then calibrate and maintain them all? We take a different approach. With Destiny Network Security, you secure your entire business environment with one single cloud solution. Your employees work and communicate securely, wherever, whenever and with whatever device they use. You won’t create herculean labour for your IT team, and you won’t spend a cent on extras you don’t want and will never use.

Maximum protection, completely worry-free

With Destiny Network Security, you have maximum protection, fully customised. You have the choice of two firewall solutions depending on what the needs of the company are. Network security as it should be.

Destiny Cloud Firewall

  • Completely worry-free thanks to Destiny management.
  • Easy-to-arrange port access: specify what sort of websites each user or user group is permitted to access (URL filtering).
  • Filter by source/destination IP and source/destination TCP/UDP port.
  • Make use of the redundant Destiny cloud infrastructure in ISO-certified data centres.
  • Firewall security for everyone in your network—no matter where they are.

Destiny Next-generation Cloud Firewall

  • Fully customised management: with Destiny, you’ll wave goodbye to your worries.
  • Make use of the redundant Destiny cloud infrastructure in ISO-certified data centres.
  • Easy to specify who has access to which applications and websites.
  • Track down preventative attacks and filter known and unknown threats.
  • You have 24/7 protection thanks to all-in-one upgrades.
  • A complete solution:
    • URL filtering
    • Sandboxing
    • Anti-malware
    • Zero-day protection
    • GlobalProtect (VPN)

Why Destiny Cloud Security?

Easy to manage

Wave goodbye to local firewalls! Manage—or let one single firewall manage—all your locations from the cloud.

Flexible access management

Decide for yourself which applications and websites your colleagues have access to.

Only pay for what you use

No more expensive licences. One fixed monthly rate that is perfectly tuned to your use.

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