With Integra, we provide custom solutions for innovative larger or more complex organisations. We are a true challenger and guide to prepare your business for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

Enjoy a complete integrated cloud telecom solution

Destiny is a B2B cloud telecom provider. With more than 4500 companies in our client portfolio, we are a cloud telecom challenger and we help innovative companies find their way in the digital future of tomorrow

Custom solution

Every innovative company has its own needs. With Integra, we work together to determine what solution is the best fit for your company. Our recommendations and technologies are fully customised to the needs of your organisation… and its future.

Proactive & Flexible Partner

Enjoy a service that revolves around proactivity, speed and flexibility. You don’t get a cold supplier relationship, rather a proactive partner who knows your business and knows what is important for you in your digital future. As your organisation grows, we scale up with it… as it should be.

Always accessible

A single point of contact for commercial and technical questions. Integra means integrated, simple and innovative solutions. Strong SLAs are indispensable, after all, we understand that continuous accessibility is a must for every company, its employees… and its clients.

Six modules for super-efficient communication.

We offer a customised, cost-effective integrated telecom solution that simultaneously connects voice, data, cloud and internet services.

With our cloud interaction platform, IT and telecom applications flow together seamlessly. This gives your company worry-free communications at a lower cost. From any place, with any device. And completely secured.

Cloud Communication

Takes over all the functions of your telephone exchange, and add a number of intelligent tools to it.

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* Communicating from any location with any device * Use your own smartphone in the network * All the functions of a telephone exchange, including many intelligent tools * Work together even better with a softphone for each employee * 100% cloud and IP based, with a helpdesk at your service 24/7
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Cloud Infrastructure

We host your data and applications privately, publically or hybrid, so you always remain operational.

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* Carefree IT * Always operational * No expensive maintenance contracts, rather a managed service * Pay for what you use and scale up or down as necessary
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Cloud Security

360-degree complete maximum protection of your web and email data, your network and all the endpoints.

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Optimal protection of your data, network and endpoints * Increased efficiency with SPOC * Fixed monthly subscription without endless firewalls or licenses * Increased mobility for your employees
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Fixed and mobile internet

Reliable, lightning-fast and scalable.

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* Technology independent - copper, 4G, optical fibre * Scalable speed and capacity * Backup solutions and 24/7 accessibility
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Fixed and mobile telephony

Economical calling with the highest quality. Regardless of the technology or telephone exchange.

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* VoIP technology * competitive pricing plans * clear overview of usage
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Private Networks

Your own VPN network: secure, redundant and accessible from anywhere.

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* End-to-end management * Customised bandwidth and SLA * Fix the basics where necessary or get your network ready for the future * Increase options for mobile work
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