This is the CORE of Destiny


You can count on me for 100%, yes!



To go for it, from start to finish.



Respect for everyone’s pace, values and talents.



Growing by learning from each other, as it should be!


CORE as the driving force behind the challenger Destiny

A typical telecom supplier? No, that’s not us. As a fast-growing challenger, we push the cloud telecom market. It is not embedded in our DNA to rest on our laurels. We appreciate what is good and don’t stop at “good enough”. We rather go a step further. Our stakeholders only get true added value if we constantly develop our core qualities.

A sustainable organisational development to us means: to grow in a healthy manner and evolve towards a mature organisation in which people, processes and systems are optimally aligned.

With CORE as the beating heart of our strategy we handle our business consciously sustainable and respectfully different – both within our company and towards our clients, partners and suppliers… as it should be!


CORE: the good example given by our management

Daan de Wever

Daan de Wever CEO and founder

Follow your dreams – That, to me, is the ultimate empowerment: pursuing your dreams and living your own life. I have always done so myself and I encourage the people in our company to do the same. So they can fulfil their own dreams within Destiny.

Samuel de Wever

Samuel de Wever Chief Technology Officer and founder

Everyone a chief – As a founder of Destiny, I took on a great deal of work in the beginning. That’s where my nickname “our Chief” comes from. With a fast-growing engineering team, I believe it is important to empower every team member and to stimulate their ownership. This is my way of passing on the Chief-torch and for our CORE to spread like wildfire.

Joachim Lauwers

Joachim Lauwers Managing Director BE

Keep smiling – It is not always easy to work together in a positive way at an incredible pace and with so many different characters. To have respect for everyone’s work and to remain positive – even during an off-day – is the key to success for me within our growing company.

Dominique Vercammen

Dominique Vercammen Chief Financial Officer

Actions speak louder than words – The General & Administration team supports the entire company. That’s why commitment and dedication are crucial: these are the keys to the success of the other departments. We make sure every team member makes the difference by taking our responsibility, and that makes everybody a winner!

Christophe Reynaert

Christophe Reynaert Director Security

Just do it – Take ownership whenever necessary. Don’t doubt yourself but give yourself the empowerment to handle things – every day again.